At the New York Slice Company we are committed to supporting our local community whenever possible. Whether it is offering a standing discount to all first responders (fire, police, ambulance, etc), buying produce from local farms, or donating food to charity events, we are thrilled to help build a strong and thriving Sarasota.

Thanks to Our City Protectors

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Thanks to our community’s first responders.

As a restaurant we say “thank you” to our public servants by offering a standing 10% discount to all first responders. This includes fire fighters, E.M.T.s, Police, etc.  Thanks for keeping us safe!

Think Globally, Buy Locally

As often as we are able to, we purchase produce from our local farmers. This helps our community by keeping more of our money in local circulation, supporting local businesses, and allows us a much closer relationship with the food we eat. Some of the farms and farming organizations we work with include: